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Thursday, April 21st, 2011 | Author:

Legend of Zelda EasterHello, everyone. I, Maktesh, just wanted to leave a quick post and assure you that we are still here (albeit gone for nearly four months). We’re currently working on updating this website, and will be moving forward early this summer. I hesitate to use the term “relaunch”, but that’s essentially what will be happening. At this point, most of the site staff members have departed, not just this website, but the Zelda community in general. People grow and/or get too busy. It happens. Regardless, we’ll be doing some slight redesign work, finishing up our content (mostly with a media focus), and talk about collecting more staff members in the near future.

On the topic of staff, I apologize to all who have applied for a position over the last few months. Although we responded personally with this, we want to let everyone know that it’s nothing personal, and at this point, has nothing to do with any sort of skill level (or lack thereof). We’re simply on hiatus, and are not taking any applications.

Also, I want personally apologize to our affiliates. We have not been active, and have been removed from many of their lists. We will attempt to rebuild a friendship with you when we are able to make this site self-sufficient. On that topic, this site is actually doing very well. We’ve only slightly dropped in viewership over the last few months, meaning that you all appreciate our content enough to keep coming back, even when there’s nothing new. Thank you all!

On a final note, the remaining staff at Zelda in my Pocket (I’ll be blunt; There really may only be two or three of us at this point) would like to wish you a happy Easter Sunday. At Zelda in my Pocket, we will recognize this holiday due to it’s special importance of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.



Saturday, April 03rd, 2010 | Author:

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to inform all of you that we’ve got a new staff member: Give a warm welcome to Alex, (also known as SkullCollecter) who has now joined our team! I’ve had the privilege of working with Alex before, and have seen that he has quite a bit of talent. 
Alex has been into coding games for quite some time, and has started several Zelda-related projects, mostly Homebrew for the Nintendo DS! Later on, I’ll write a detailed article explaining to all of you what “Homebrew” is, and how you can use it. For now, I’ll just give a brief explanation: 
‘Homebrew’ is/are fan-made files, games, and applications that with the proper hardware and software, can be played on other systems. Some examples are Media players for the Nintendo DS, ports of computer games (such as Doom) for the DS, and other files, such as various Zelda remakes for systems such as the PSP, etc. 
Anyway, I’ll soon tell you all about it, how you can get your hands into playing it, and maybe even making some fun stuff! If you’re jumping out of your chair to know more,  just head on over to GBATemp for now, a website that has a lot of information about the stuff. 

Anyway, be sure to leave a comment or two welcoming Alex to the team! 

Best wishes to all! 

Sunday, March 07th, 2010 | Author:

Hello everyone! I want to come to you with great news: we now have added two more staff members! Please give a warm welcome to Steven and Bobby! Both of them have more than earned the right to be here.

Steven will be serving as a content writer, and Bobby as a news poster and content writer. Both will soon be added to our staff page, and you can be sure to see some great stuff coming from them shortly!