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Sunday, December 11th, 2011 | Author:

Hello, Zelda in my Pocket fans! This is just a brief update to let you know that we’re planning on releasing some new content come this New Year!

At this point, all of the staff past staff members have dispersed, and no word has been heard even though attempt at contact has been made. As of now, it will probably just be “me” handling some of the work, but once that’s been finished, I plan on selling this website. As you may know, there’s a lot of content which has been never been published, and I’m working on getting some of that up, and cleaning up the design/layout. As such, we will not be accepting any applications at this time. (As if we’ve had any requests during our hiatus.)

The website will probably be auctioned off, and I plan to start the bidding at $2,000 USD. The sale of Zelda in my Pocket will only be made to those planning on continuing the theme, and who have a genuine interest in the Legend of Zelda handheld series. If you’re interested in buying, please contact me by writing to maktesh[at]hotmail.com.

We’re also discontinuing all of our affiliations at this time (besides Kirameki), and want to inform all of our affiliates that they no longer need to be linking to us.

Finally, the Kakashi project is 100% dead. All of the files will be given to the buyer of ZimP, or sold to anyone who makes an acceptable offer. (Try ~$50)

Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to both exiting ZimP’s hiatus and passing on the torch.


Friday, December 31st, 2010 | Author:

Hello, followers of Zelda in my Pocket. This post has been in the making for a long time, and quite frankly may surprise all of you.

First off, let me introduce myself. My handle, penname, etc. is Maktesh, and I am the legal owner of Zelda in my Pocket. I was one of the members associated with the original Zelda in my Pocket, so I felt a call to restore the website in Duncan’s memory. I have never publically come forth about this issue due to the fact that I am currently fulfilling the busy life of a college student and web designer, and have not had the time to be active in the Zelda universe.

For the last year or so, my friend, Alter Stevens, has been diligently running this website. The reason I’m writing this today is to make a series of announcements. The first is that I will now be fronting the leadership of Zelda in my Pocket. This fact brings me to some news that I regret having to present, thus I will tiptoe through it as lightly and sensibly as possible. Alter has formally resigned from Zelda in my Pocket, and currently has no plans of returning to the website or the community.

The reason for Alter’s resignation lies with some personal issues that he has been dealing with, which have been very straining on his personal life. He needs some time to mentally recover, as well as tackle some of the things that have exponentially increased his strain. In the letter he left, he indicated that handling this website has contributed to some of these strains, and he feels that in order to recover, he needed to let go of Zelda in my Pocket.

Alter will be missed by many, but I believe that he is being made a better person through these ordeals.

Moving forward with the updates, Alter has been acting as my avatar for the last couple of years, building up relationships for this website and in the community. As one of his friends, and the proud owner of this website, I ask that you all give him a round of applause for his success in building this site from the ground up.

However, this again leads me to an uncomfortable issue. Although I’m proud of the way the site turned out, the ends do not justify the means. From what I understand, there has been plenty of toe-stepping on Alter’s part, both on and off of Zelda in my Pocket. I would like to offer a formal apology to anyone who feels as though they have been wronged by either Alter or Zelda in my Pocket. As Alter was acting on my behalf, it is my moral obligation to take full responsibility for his actions. I feel deep regret that some in the community have feelings of animosity towards our site. I hope that we will be able to build trust and friendship on the grounds of a new beginning.

I am not fully aware of every event that has taken place on this website, especially the discussions and occurrences that took place off-site. I have not been a part of the universal Zelda community for a couple of years, and even longer since I was active. I apologize ahead of time for my lack of knowledge regarding surrounding Zelda-based websites, especially those who we are affiliated with.

Other than the creation of the current layout, I’ve had almost nothing to do with Zelda in my Pocket since its restoration. I feel as though I missed out on something special by not taking part in the start of this website, but looking at things, there’s much more room for growth, and I look forward to heading the new projects that we’ll be bringing forth.

Back to the problems that have occurred revolving around this site, I wish to assure you that there will be no further instances where people or websites feel as though they have been wronged by us. From now on, this website will purely reflect the values of its owner and staff members. We will attempt to right any wrongs, and make this website a place where all are welcomed and treated with respect.

Thank you for reading this long-winded ‘statement’, and I ask that you continue to support this website, especially in-light of the new doors that we’ll be exploring.

I wish you all a belated “Merry Christmas”, as well as a “Happy New Year”. This upcoming year will bring many great things our way, and I look forward to having both you and I take part in it.