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Over the last year, there have been many plans, projects, cancellations, sales, etc. The most recent news was posted here over six months ago, and still nothing has been seen by the public eye.

Until now. To back up a little, this website’s been passing around like a hot potato. A lot of individuals have wanted to get involved with it, and a lot of them have back out, in, around, and some have even done the hokey-pokey. All of that aside, I’m really not sure of everywhere Zelda in my Pocket’s been, but I do know where it’s going.

I suppose I should introduce myself; I’m David. I’m a friend of Hylie’s from back in the day, and have been a supporter/follower of the site since its inception. To keep it short, even in light of a long and weird process, I’m now the owner of Zelda in my Pocket. I could almost write a book on the involvement of this site over the last year, and I’m sure the others could write quite a bit more from before that. But let’s be honest. This is a website; not a significant historical event. You probably don’t care. So I’ll cut to the chase.

I’m going to tidy up this website, both graphically and content-wise. A mild redesign may be in order. I’ll let the readers decide that. Regardless, I plan to restore this site to its former potential glory. Let’s get this train back on the track first, and work out the details later. Zelda in my Pocket has deep roots in the Zelda community, and still (surprisingly) has a strong fanbase. The amount of users and traffic here hasn’t really decreased at all, which is impressive in and of itself.

I’m busy, so I’m not going to throw out a bogus timetable. I’ll try to start work here soon, but no guarantee. I do need some help with the site, so if you’re interested in helping with some game guides, or especially adding pictures and organizing the ones we already have, then please let me know in the comments section on this post.

Thanks is you actually read this. It means a lot to still have support from past ZimP users. More updates to follow.

Blessings to all,




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13 responses to “Greetings/Update/Information”

  1. VanitasXII says:

    Welcome back! I want to be site staff.

  2. david_zimp says:

    VanitasXII, we would be glad to have you as a part of Zelda in my Pocket. Please shoot me an e-mail at "david.zimp[at]" and I'll be in touch.

  3. aldo91 says:

    yeeeeeeees! I so hoped for a revival of this site, which it has given so much importance to Tingle! I would love to see the solution of the second rpg complete and even a patch translation! =) sorry for my bad English, I'm Italian! =P

  4. TheSuperSakura says:

    Welcome back, just came across your site in attempts to find information on one of the Tingle games. You guys should definitely do an "unofficial" English patch of Color Changing Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love, I know I would definitely appreciate it and I'm sure others would.

    I'll be checking this site out weekly to see if any new changes arise, keep up the great work here. Thanks!

  5. Joe Steve says:

    So, is the tingle's balloon fight translation making progress? I was just wondering because there hasn't been an update in a while.

  6. Joe Steve says:


    I recently read a post from someone on this website about a text dump of Tingles love balloon trip on the GBATemp website. I have a text dump of the game if anyone here is interested.

  7. Joe Steve says:

    I just sent it.

    I’m really glad someone’s actually taking interest in translating this game! Not many Zelda sites recognize this game!

  8. Joe says:

    If anyone would like to help in my translation of Tingles Love balloon trip, please contact me at

    Whether its translating or hacking, your help would be appreciated!

  9. Joe says:

  10. Joe says:

    Sorry for another comment my computer isn’t working good right now ^_^

    You mentioned above that you didn’t have the resources or staff to translate TLBT, so are you saying you need a hacker? I’d be happy to assist you with anything (as you can see above I’ve been experimenting with the games text). Also if you need help reorganizing things I might be able to help there too.

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