Here at Zelda in my Pocket, we strive to bring you the latest and greatest Legend of Zelda handheld material, and have done so from the beginning. On this page, you can read about our humble beginnings, our tragic downfall, and our triumphant rebirthing.

Zelda in my Pocket was founded in early/mid 2008 as the dream of Duncan Ruffle. Ruffle had been a significant part of the Legend of Zelda community, and had worked for previous fansites such as zeldauniverse.net. Around the community, he was given the nickname “Hylie”, which stuck to him; he would bear it for the duration of his involvement of Zelda in my Pocket. Through various networking, he was able to line up a high-quality team of individuals to help prepare the site for launch. The first team of individuals was as follows:

  • Webmaster: Duncan Ruffle
  • Tech Support: Kludge
  • Sound Manager: Urban Synthesis
  • Content Writers: Alter (lead), Anthony 17, Dark Link, and Kramer.

Duncan Ruffle

Although the release date was originally planned around the middle of 2009, the staff members were able to accomplish much, and it was announced that the site would be released at the top of 2009. The content for the majority of the games that Zelda in my Pocket was to cover had been completed, and on On Jan. 13, 2009, it was announced that the site was to launch on February 1 of the same year. The staff members grew excited, as the community chatter turned to that of ZimP, and the visitors to the site increased every day.

However, Ruffle announced to the site staff members that he had been having some minor health issues, but that it was nothing serious. He had let everyone know that he would return before launch date, but when no one had received word from him a few days before the launch, concern began to grow. The launch date came and went, without any news as to Ruffle’s status. The staff members assumed that the site would be launched at a later date, and although a few remained working on the project, the rest went inactive.

In late February, Alter received word from one of Ruffle’s close friends that he had been diagnosed with cancer, and that he was still recovering in the hospital. Although everyone was relieved to hear the news, no information came for two weeks. Just as doubt had begun to set in, on March 9th, Alter was notified that Duncan “Hylie” Ruffle had passed away two days earlier, on the 7th, after he lost his battle with skin cancer.
Alter Stevens
The future of Zelda in my Pocket was unknown for almost a year, with two various groups intending to restart the site. One was by a few uninvolved community members, and was mostly contained on forums. The other was headed by Maktesh, who’d had some previous involvement with the original website. He was attempting¬† to round up the old staff members when he linked up with Alter, the former content writer for Zelda in my Pocket. After some initial planning, the pair decided to place the site under Maktesh, while Alter would head the project for the time being.

Although both groups started out strong, they began to droop later on in the year, the former due to the unwillingness of people to participate in a project whose vision they did not share, and the latter due to the fact that most of the past staff members had left the Zelda community over time.

However, Alter was able to regain support when he finally got in contact with two of the past members, and received a commitment from them to staff at ZimP. There was continued discussion in November and December 2009 about the website’s reboot. Finally on January 8, 2010, the domain http://www.zeldainmypocket.com/ was repurchased by Maktesh, and Alter immediately began work on the site, with the official release date slated for the historic date February 1, 2009, exactly one year after the original release date was planned.

Through hard work, the second era of Zelda in my Pocket began, and was successfully launched on the set date, one year after the fall of the website. Alter retained the vision that Duncan Ruffle had foreseen, as he carefully selected those who were to be a part of the site:

  • Webmasters: Alter Stevens
  • Administrators: Justin Folvarcik
  • Tech Support: Fredrik Ofstad, Alex Plunkett
  • Graphic Design: Alter Stevens, Fredrik Ofstad
  • Content Writers: Justin Folvarcik, Steven Kinson, Dark Link
  • Editors: Chris Jenkins, Other Site Staff (minimal)
  • News Posters: Dylan, Chris Jenkins, Alter Stevens

The site grew significantly, and had a great leap forward in visitors and popularity once the Kakashi: The Search for Tingle project was started. Zelda in my Pocket continued development over the period of nearly a year, before an unexpected event came forth. Alter Stevens had a series of events turn up in his personal life, and he felt as though he would be unable to continue the building up of the website in light of real life. At the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011, Alter Stevens stepped down from the website, and disappeared from the Zelda community. Maktesh then came forward, announcing that he was the actual owner of Zelda in my Pocket, and explained how Alter had been his avatar, building up the website until it could be taken over by the owner.

Maktesh took a forward role in the development of the site, actively working on completing the content, as well as building up the relations with the affiliates and staff members.

Currently, the site rests as a growing project which is continuing to gain popularity, and fulfill Duncan Ruffle, Alter Stevens, and Maktesh’s dreams.

If you’re interested in joining our team, and becoming a part of our growing legacy, please fill out the form found on this page.

Zelda in my Pocket was originally founded in mid-2008 by Duncan Ruffle (a.k.a Hylie), and was set to launch in early 2009. The staff members that Ruffle first hired were Kludge (Tech Support), Urban Synthesis (Music/sound effects), Alter (Content Writer), Ant17 (Content Writer), Dark Link (Content Writer), and Kramer (Content Writer).

On Jan. 13, 2009, it was announced that the site was to launch on Feb. 1st, 2009. However, due to some busy schedules and health issues, it was decided that the launching of the site would be temporarily delayed and set for a later time.

Duncan “Hylie” Ruffle

The new launch date came and went without any word as to why there was a delay. Shortly after, the staff members grew unsure of the future of ZimP when no news from Hylie was given. Many of them started showing up less and less frequently, assuming that the project would be resumed at a later time.

On March 9th, word was received that Duncan “Hylie” Ruffle had passed away on March 7th, 2009 after he lost his battle with skin cancer.

The future of Zelda in my Pocket was unknown for over a year, but there was some discussion in November and December 2009 about restarting the site.[2] Finally on January 8, 2010, the domain http://www.zeldainmypocket.com/ was purchased by Alter, the former content writer. Work immediately began on the site, with the official release date slated for February 1, 2009, exactly one year after the original release date was planned.