Affiliation is one of the most common ways for your site (and ours) to become more popular. If you’re wondering what an affiliate is, let us explain: It’s simply two different websites, that agree to a partnership, and link to the other.

The Way it Works

If you’re interested in an affiliation with Zelda in my Pocket, write the Webmaster at, or use the contact form found here. When you do so, you will need to explain the following:

  • Why you are interested in being an affiliate.
  • What the overall goal of your website is.
  • Basic site information. (i.e. your focus, size, staff members, etc)
  • Anything else that you would brag about regarding your website.

After you’ve contacted us, we’ll have a vote on whether your site is accepted or not. If it passes, your site will be added to one of our two lists; either Tier One or Tier Two.

-Tier Two is the most common category, and the most likely one that your site will be added to. Tier Two sites will be added to this page.

-Tier One is reserved for our top affiliates; the ones with a long history, a long partnership with ZimP, a large amount of traffic, and fewer links out to other websites/affiliates. These sites will have their affiliate buttons displayed on every page’s sidebar here, generating more traffic.

If your site is rejected, you may re-apply in two months.

Affiliation Banners

Once affiliation with Zelda in my Pocket has been confirmed, please select any one of these affiliation banners to place on your website. We’ve created several different ones depending on what you like best, or what fits your site layout. Don’t see one you like? Give us a color scheme, and we’ll see what we can do!

Zelda in my Pocket Affiliation Banner 1

Zelda in my Pocket Affiliation Banner 2

Zelda in my Pocket Affiliation Banner 3

Current Tier Two Affiliates

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